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Race Vista focuses on the personal and interactive side of racing – with featured race photos, featured athletes, and more.  The Why I Race page is designed to give racers a chance to use their experience to inspire and encourage others.

We want your Why I Race video!  Contact us or reach out to us by Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to tell us where we can find your video to post!

Whether you are an amateur or a pro, something inspired you to race, and we hope you’ll use this chance to inspire others.

  • What (or who) introduced you to racing?
  • What motivates or inspires you today?
  • What goals drive you to improve?

Share your story to inspire, educate, and engage anyone who wants to know more about racing, and the athletes who race.  Although our current videos are cycling athletes, we’re open to hearing from snowboarders, skiiers, runners and anyone else whose passion and focus are on racing.

See below for “Why I Race” videos from Lex Albrecht and more to come.

Lex Albrecht

Why does Lex race?  Lex Albrecht is a Canadian professional cyclist, with a background in microbiology.  So, what compels a scientist to compete internationally in professional cycling races?  Race Vista has created the “Why I Race” feature specifically to provide a platform for athletes to tell their stories.  We’re fortunate to have Lex tell Race Vista her story in the video below.  She tells us about her passion for cycling, describing why the excitement, camaraderie, and tactics of racing inspire her.  Please help us support Lex, by following and encouraging Lex (maybe even sending her a thank-you email for contributing this video for Race Vista).  You can find out more about Lex at her Race Vista featured athlete profile page, or at her personal website.
Hopefully you’ll agree that these videos make an athlete’s story even more personal and compelling.  Please help us by sharing this page with your friends.

Why do you race?  Would you like to tell your story at Race Vista?

If you would like us to showcase your video, please contact us.  We’re looking for videos from 1-2 minutes in length.   Feel free to use YouTube or Vimeo (or a similar platform).  Answer the questions above in your own words, and help inspire and motivate others!  Simply start the video with this message: My name is ______, and this is my Why I Race video for Race Vista.

If you have a photo that captures the theme of why you race, send that.  You can also incorporate the tag #RaceVista in a Tweet, Instagram post, etc. and we’ll search for those and add some highlights from those also.

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