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Revolution Series Round 6 in Manchester

On January 23rd, 2016, the Revolution Series hosted Round 6 of their track cycling race series, in Manchester at the National Cycling Centre.  The racing was spectacular, as showcased in the amazing photos below from Chris Auld.   Chris, a photographer we recently showcased at Race Vista (see Chris Auld Photo Gallery) was there catching all the action.

Check out his photos from Round 6 of the Series, below.  For more about the Revolution Series check out their series overview page here http://www.cyclingrevolution.com/the-series.html.  For information about Chris Auld, find him at TwitterChrisAuldPhoto | InstagramCauldphoto | Webchrisauldphotography.com

If you raced in the Revolution Series or captured any photos there that you’d like to share or showcase at Race Vista, give us a shout.  We’re always interested in hearing from new athletes, race promoters and photographers to talk about how we can help feature you at Race Vista. Contact Us here.

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