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Stars of the Track

Race Vista’s recently launched the Race Vista At the Track campaign, to feature and showcase news, stories and results from track cycling. As part of that initiative, we’re also adding our “Stars of the Track” campaign.

Nominate your favorite track cyclist (you can nominate a friend, teammate, or even yourself) by contacting us.  All we need is a photo, a link to their website, blog or Facebook page, and a few short sentences about why you believe they should be featured at RaceVista.  We’ll take care of the rest!

Nominate an athlete by contacting us, here.

Race Vista’s Stars of the Track

Missy 1


Missy Erickson –

Missy Erickson has been nominated by Race Vista as a “Star of the Track”.  Read our interview with Missy, here.  Missy was just named (on December 19, 2015) to USA Cycling’s Track Long Team for the Olympics (Rio, 2016).  She’s an outstanding athlete, role model and mentor to many.  Find out more about Missy at:

See Missy’s real-time photo gallery and add a photo by using the tag #RaceVistaMissy in Instagram: http://racevista.com/racevistamissy/


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