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Race Vista recognizes that the athletes and races we showcase are exciting on their own, but some photographers capture compelling images that help convey how truly exciting racing can be.  Through outstanding photography, athletes and spectators can relive each moment captured in time.

This page features photography from Phil Beckman (PB Creative). We’re thrilled to introduce Phil’s gallery on Race Vista, our first featured photographer photo gallery.  See photos from PB Creative below, and look just below the photos for more information about PB Creative, including his background, history in racing, and how to hire him for a special assignment.  Looking for more?  We’ve got a PB Creative real-time photo slideshow on a separate page, here.


Here’s the PB Creative Bio, direct from Phil Beckman:

I am loathe to date myself like this, but I started earning an income from shooting photos when the height of the era’s “technology” was Plus-X, Tri-X and Kodachrome. It was 1981, and I was fresh out of the lake country of central Minnesota. I had somehow landed the dream job of staff editor/photographer at a powersports magazine publishing company in SoCal. My only real qualifications were that I was a competent motocross racer and I knew the motorcycle industry like the back of my hand.

Sure, I had dabbled with my Dad’s cameras and had a workable knowledge of the English language thanks to my Mom the writer, but it was very much a “learn while you earn” scenario. For the next ten years I grew as a photojournalist and had the opportunity to travel all over with camera and tape recorder in hand. The job exposed me to graphic design (and a new computer called the Apple Macintosh), which motivated me to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Cal State Fullerton. During this time, I decided to start a family and strike out on my own under the PB Creative banner.

I had to set the camera aside for a while in order to handle clients’ advertising, PR and collateral needs. For kicks, I took up cycling in a big way and ended up becoming a “serious racer” during the next couple of decades. Cross country MTBs, road racing, countless crits—and the scars to prove it. The time trial discipline was my strongest in a largely unremarkable “career.”

My path changed directions once again when a personal health issue coincided perfectly with the Great Recession. Sadly, I am no longer able to ride. Gladly, it provided the opportunity to pick up photography in earnest once again. With tremendous support from my wife of 28 years, Michele, as well as my daughter Sara—a photography major at Cal State Long Beach—I have been able to stay connected to the sports I love most, doing what I love most: shooting action photos.

Over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of being officially affiliated with the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA), the SoCal High School Cycling League, the SoCalCross Prestige Series, the Kenda Cup Series, USA Cycling, the US Cup Series, the Over the Hump Series, and numerous individual races, such as the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix, the SoCal Vintage MX Classic and a variety of SCNCA Championships. To see what I’ve been up to lately, visit http://www.pbcreativephoto.com/  You can also follow me on Instagram (@pbcreative), Facebook (PB Creative), Twitter (pbcreative), Flickr (Phil Beckman) and Tumbler (PB Creative). Have an assignment in mind? Contact info can be found there too. See you at the races!

Want more? See PB Creative’s real-time gallery at Race Vista here.

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