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Chris Auld Photo Gallery

Through outstanding photography, athletes and spectators, and even those who weren’t there in person can experience the drama, thrill, focus and determination found within a race.

Creative and skilled photographers allow someone to peer inside a race, and even inside an athlete, to get a glimpse of their grit, their confidence, or their inspiration.  One such photographer is Chris Auld.  When we saw his photography, and particularly the images he caught at the Revolution Cycling series in Manchester, we knew he should be included as a featured photographer at Race Vista.  Fortunately, he accepted our invitation, so that we may share his work, below.

We’re excited to welcome Chris Auld as a featured photographer in Race Vista’s Gallery.  We hope you’ll enjoy his work below.  If so, give a quick shot out to @RaceVista and @ChrisAuldPhoto on Twitter.  Scroll below the photos to learn more about Chris and get his contact information.

All photos by Chris Auld.  More about Chris:

Instagram: Cauldphoto
I’ve been a photographer for twenty years working with commercial clients across a wide cross section of clients, traveling the across Uk and Europe.
A keen cyclist for the passed fifteen years I decided to mix business with pleasure, shooting some of the biggest names in the sport for editorial features in magazines such as Pro Cycling, Cycle Sport and Cycling Weekly. Recently I’ve turned my editorial eye to covering CX and track with the aim of working with a Pro Team throughout the 2016 season.
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