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The Filthy 50

F50logoSquareSmallThe Filthy 50 – Inaugural Year. We have joined forces with Filthy 50 to showcase this 50-mile gravel race as a Featured Race on Race Vista!

The Filthy 50 is Minnesota’s newest gravel race, and the enthusiasm and reception it has already captured in its inaugural year is outstanding.  It’s a free, unsupported gravel race in Stewartville, MN on October 13, 2013.

Find the race website here: http://thefilthy50.tumblr.com/

For a race that hasn’t even happened yet, the extraordinary following this race has already developed is reflected by a roster packed to a 300 racer capacity.  Racers will show up at the start line with steeds ranging from mountain bikes, to cross bikes, to fatbikes, and beyond.  What will you ride?  Take a photo of your Filthy 50 race bike or your training ride and tag it with #Filthy50RV to see it in the slideshow below.  Share this page and let your friends in on the fun.

For additional updates, feel free to follow the Filthy 50 on Twitter or Facebook.

Tips & Reminders.  For all of you first-time gravel grinders, Salsa Cycles has some tips for you, here.  You can also learn what the highly accomplished gravel racer Monika Sattler suggest for endurance races on gravel: http://gearjunkie.com/endurance-gravel-bike-race

So, how do you capture the pre-race and race-day action of the Filthy 50?

If you’re on the roster, you’re already an insider. Share your experience with the outside world by tagging your photos in Instagram or Flickr with #Filthy50RV.  If you’re not there, you can see the race as if you’re there in person, by following this page.

Keep your eye on this page to see a continually updated real-time live slideshow with 2013 Filthy 50 photos appearing as soon as they are taken and tagged in Instagram with “Filthy50RV“.

Take a look at the Instagram slideshow below.  It’s a real-time slideshow limited to the 30 most recent photos, but you can see them all (over 100 photos) if you click on the #Filthy50RV tag on the top right corner.

Still want more Filthy50 photos?




Check out the photos above, sent to us by MN Bike Trail Navigator.  Chris from MN Bike Trail Navigator raced, took photos, and added his photos to our Instagram slideshow and the Flickr photos.  Many thanks to Chris!  You can find his entire Flickr photo set here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mnbiketrailnavigator/sets/72157636027841396/

If you’re a photographer, you might want to use this opportunity to participate in our Showcase.

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