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Pedal 50

Pedal 50 joins Race Vista as a Featured Race in October 2013!

Pedal 50 FRG raceQuick, name two of the coolest things that come to top of your mind.  You said riding in Colorado, and riding gravel, right?  So what happens when you combine those two things?  The Pedal 50, a free, self-supported gravel road ride in the Colorado Front Range.  Now imagine the event starts and ends at Pikes Peak Brewery.  Yes, all that cool is combined in one event.

Event Date: October 5, 2013

Our friends at Front Range Gravel are putting together a mini-series of cool gravel rides, and you’d be wise not to miss it!  Find out more about Front Range Gravel here: www.frontrangegravel.com.  The first event is the Pedal 50, and Race Vista is proud to be a media sponsor of the event. If you want to be part of the Pedal 50, you have one of two options:

1) Participate.  Find the website here: www.frontrangegravel.com/pedal-50.html, and sign up.  The roster’s already large and limited to 100, so don’t wait.  If you’re participating, don’t forget to take photos and tag them with #Pedal50RV in Instagram (then your friends/family/others can see what this event’s all about).

2) View the highlights at Race Vista.  Check it out from the Race Vista perspective.  How?  Just bookmark this page and be sure to come back before the race (to see if any pre-race photos have been added), on race day (to see the action from the lens of those who are there), and post-race (to review all the photos everyone’s uploaded).  The slideshow below has all the photos tagged with #Pedal50RV in Instagram.

Race Vista’s real-time slideshow of the Pedal 50 (photos tagged with #Pedal50RV in Instagram)

Here are a few extra photos from the Pedal 50, by Ted Ehrlich; http://www.trailgroove.com/http://mtnnut.wordpress.com/


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