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Fixed Gear Classic 2013 (Track Race)

Fixed Gear Classic, June 6-8, 2013  |  NSC Velodrome  |  Blaine, MN

Track racing is exciting to watch in person, and if you can’t be there for the race, the photos can capture and portray the drama.

Track races occur throughout the country, but few are a bigger, better, or more well organized affair than the Fixed Gear Classic, which is part of the Nature Valley Bicycle Fesitival.  The 2013 Fixed Gear Classic brings some of the best track racers from the region, the country, and beyond, to the NSC Velodrome.  Whether you are attending, racing, taking photos, or wanting to see it from the comfort of your computer or tablet, keep plugged in to this page

2013 Fixed Gear Classic 2013 photos in Instagram

(real-time slideshow for photos tagged with “FGClassicRV”)

Fixed Gear Classic 2013 photos in Flickr

The Flickr slideshow below showcases photos taken by Race Vista.

If you would like to feature an entire collection or portfolio of your own photos to showcase your photographic work, we can discuss a promotion package.


 Video overview of the 2013 Fixed Gear Classic

2013 Fixed Gear Classic from Rick Fuentes on Vimeo.

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