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Almanzo 100 (Gravel Race)

The Almanzo 100 is the stuff legends are made of.  It’s a racer’s race, by all accounts.  We will be featuring 2013 Almanzo photos here at Race Vista!

2011Alternate_noTM__biggerChris Skogen, the man responsible for bringing the Almanzo to life and bringing a tremendous boost to gravel racing as a discipline is known for making fun, exciting, and satisfying races that everyone enjoys.  Everyone ready for a challenge finds that and more at the Almanzo.  Best yet, Chris makes his races free!  Find out all the details here: http://almanzo.com/

The 2013 Almanzo is a featured race at Race Vista.  This means several things:

  1. If you are racing at, spectating, or photographing the Almanzo, you can tag any of your photos with “AlmanzoRV” in Instagram and they will show up in real-time on RaceVista.com, on this page (dedicated to the 2013 Almanzo)
  2. If you aren’t involved in the Almanzo at all, but you’d like to get insight into what it’s all about, bookmark this page and check back on or after race day for photos.
  3. After the race, you are welcome to load any photos you think capture the essence of the Almanzo into Flickr, and tag them with “AlmanzoRV” in Flickr, and we’ll feature a Flickr gallery with a link to those photos here.
  4. If you have some truly remarkable photos and you’d like us to use them here as “showcase” photos, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.
  5. If you are taking any videos at the Almanzo, contact us with a link to the video and we’ll add it here if we think it’s a worthy representation of the Almanzo.

Don’t forget, the Twin Six Racers contest is still going on, and they are a sponsor of the Almanzo!  If you wear some Twin Six gear at the Almanzo and tag your photo with RaceVistaT6 you’ll be eligible to win a free kit from Twin Six (details here).

Here is the real-time live slideshow with 2013 Almanzo photos appearing as soon as they are taken and tagged in Instagram with “AlmanzoRV”.

Showcase your race or photos!

Do  you want your race to be featured on Race Vista?  Contact us for details.  Want to have your photos featured in Race Vista’s Gallery?  Tag them with RaceVista in Flickr or Instagram and we’ll find them and feature the best.  We can even spotlight a photographer with a featured photographer gallery. Contact us to discuss options.

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