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US Cup Pro Series MTB races

The USA Cycling US Cup Pro Series presented by Sho-Air Cycling group offers world-cup quality racing, with an outstanding field of men and women who are the top athletes in professional mountain bike racing.

Fortunately for fans of cycling who can’t see these races in person, USA Cycling and Sho-Air have teamed up to bring LIVE STREAMING of all of the US Cup Series races.  Race Vista recognizes that it’s difficult to find media that support the sport of cycling by broadcasting it on tv or featuring a broad array of race photos, video, and athlete coverage.  Race Vista is doing its part to make racing more engaging, by making race  photos, athletes and videos easier to find.  We’re brining a special interactive visual and social media campaign to the US Cup.  Check out our features below.


If you or your friends want to see the US Cup races, you can watch it right here on RaceVista.com below!  Find the standings and full schedule of 2014 US Cup races at USA Cycling’s website, here: http://www.usacycling.org/uscup/.  Find more about Sho-Air Cycling group here: http://shoaircyclinggroup.com/


If you’re attending one of these races as a racer, spectator, photographer, or sponsor, tag your photos with #USCUPracevista on Instagram to get them in our slideshow below.  Or tag them with #racevista in Flickr, Instagram or Twitter and we’ll find them.


PLUS, we’re making the races even more interactive by adding a social media component.  All social media posts tagged with #USCUPproseries or #USCUPracevista in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube will show up in our interactive social bulletin board.  Check it out below and join the discussion!  (note that the tag #uscup also is used for posts re soccer and content unrelated to this race, which is why we’ve selected these alternate tags)

2014 US Cup Pro Series #4 – Colorado Springs (Live Video Stream)

The 4th US Cup Pro mountain bike race will be live streamed, and available to watch on Race Vista, below.  Plus, below the video feed we’ve got a real-time social media bulletin board, so you can join the discussion and see what others are tweeting or posting in real-time.   (video will show a countdown until the race, then will have live coverage)

Race start at 11:15 am Mountain Time for Elite Women’s Pro XCT race call-ups & staging; Elite Men Pro XCT Pacific Time call-ups & staging begin at 2:15 mountain; full schedule, standings, and overview of the race here

US Cup Pro XCT at Colorado Springs – Live Stream on RaceVista.com

If the video does not display automatically in your browser, try this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wwp60rVGG7I to get directly to the stream page  (if it still doesn’t work, your browser may be incompatible for the live stream)

Find the other US Cup mtb race series videos here:

If you think it’s cool to see live streaming video of races here at RaceVista.com, let us know!  If you’d like to sponsor this page, or get your race featured on its own page on RaceVista.com, Contact Us.  With your help, Race Vista will be able to increase the accessibility and engagement of bike races online.

Social media coverage of the USCUP

Race Vista knows that social media is a key point of engagement between a cycling race and its audience.  If you want to be part of the real-time social media discussion of the US Cup, without having to toggle between the live broadcast, then Twitter, then Instagram, then Facebook you can see it all here at Race Vista in one page.  The social media bulletin board below contains content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube using the tag #USCUPracevista and #USCUPproseries, as there are an abundance of irrelevant tweets and posts (related to soccer rather than the US Cup mtb series) using the tag #uscup.

We’ve also given priority to posts from Scott Tedro, USA Cycling, and others who are using the tag #uscup related to the bike race rather than soccer.  SO if you’d like your posts to show up in the curated/relevant discussion below, use either #USCUPproseries or #USCUPracevista so we can make sure only the relevant content shows up below!

Photo series from Benjamin Goyette

We have a small gallery of photos that were taken by Ben Goyette at the US Cup women’s pro race in Fontana (March 22, 2014).  Ben has shared the photos with Race Vista we can showcase some of the great shots he captured.   Please do not re-distribute or publish these photos without permission from the photographer.

US Cup Photo Slideshow, featuring photos tagged with #uscupRaceVista in Instagram

You can tag photos in Flickr also, and we may set up a separate gallery for those photos.

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