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North Star Grand Prix (North Star Bicycle Festival)

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  • Main page.  The page you are on is Race Vista’s main event page for the North Star Grand Prix.  On this page, you’ll find general information, photos, and links to our curated social media page and real-time crowd-sourced photo gallery.
  • Crowd-sourced real-time photo gallery. To see photos taken at the North Star Grand Prix view our real-time photo gallery and add photos using #NSGrandPrixRV in Instagram. See that page here: http://racevista.com/nsgrandprixrv-photos/.  We also feature some of our own photos below, and if you’d like us to showcase your #NSGP photos in our Gallery or on this page, Contact Us.
  • Social media.   If you’d like to see updates about the North Star Grand Prix from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram without having to switch between apps, you can track it all on one convenient collaboration / bulletin board page at Race Vista, here.  http://racevista.com/north-star-grand-prix-social-media/

North Star Grand Prix overview:

Minnesota’s largest professional bike race features an outstanding contingent of men’s and women’s road racing athletes and teams.  With Tour de Kids Fun Races, stunt rider exhibitions, music, and a festival/expo atmosphere, this event is well worth checking out! The race runs from June 11-15th, with stages in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Canon Falls,  Menomonie and Stillwater.  It’s truly an outstanding way to see top pros fight for stage wins, sprint jerseys, and even to win the Grand Chase!  Find all the details here: http://www.northstarbicyclefestival.com/.  Stop by the Race Vista tent at the St. Paul crit expo!

But what if you can’t be there in person?  Fear not.  See it all at Race Vista!

Race Vista has partnered with the North Star Grand Prix to provide a crowd-sourced real-time photo gallery, and a curated social media bulletin board (where you can find social media focused specifically on the NSGP in one page).   This provides an interactive platform of visual and social media for the NSGP so racers, fans/friends/family, and spectators can all be part of the fun!

Anyone who attended the race (photographer, racer, spectator, or vendor), can add photos they caputred using the tag #NSGrandPrixRV in Instagram, which adds them to our real-time photo gallery.  Or, check out our social media page.

Below, you will see a highlighted group of the many NSGP photos captured by Race Vista.  Click on any photo to expand it.  You are welcome to share or publish these photos elsewhere, with proper credit to RaceVista.com.  If you are a team or racer featured in the photo, Contact Us if you’d like to receive a full-resolution version for your personal or marketing purposes.  Similarly, if you are a photographer, racer or spectator that you’d like us to showcase, don’t hesitate to reach out.

If you like the photos above, view our Flickr galleries:


Showcase your race or photos!

Do  you want your race to be featured on Race Vista?  Contact us for details.  Want to have your photos featured in Race Vista’s Gallery or our Social page?  Tag them with RaceVista in Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, and we’ll find them.  We can even spotlight a photographer with a featured photographer gallery. Contact us to discuss options.


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