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La Course is in its 1st year, and it already has outstanding and remarkable support, from live television coverage, to some of the best racers and teams in the world competing on one of the most exciting and well-known courses.  Despite all that support, the women’s cycling movement can move even farther and faster by utilizing the power of social media and crowd-sourced enthusiasm to show what a following this race has!

Race Vista has worked hard to support women’s cycling, from our Featured Athletes, to our collaboration with the Women’s Cycling Association, to our Women of Cycling photo gallery.  Now that the most recognizable cycling race in the country (Tour de France) has a women’s stage, we want to help show that racers, spectators and sponsors support women’s racing! Help us help build this momentum by using our curated social media platform to contribute and see the latest and greatest news and updates about La Course, below!

Curated and focused social media, specific to La Course below – spread the word!

Race Vista has devoted this page to curated social media content specific to La Course.  Find La Course updates here, without having to search various social media applications with an array of different hashtags.

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See your post below! We’re using the tags #LaCourseTDF and #LaCourseRV (our tag specific to this social media bulletin board) in Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. Please avoid using both tags together as posts may duplicate. We are intentionally NOT using the tag #LaCourse, since that tag is in use within Twitter and Instagram for content unrelated to this race, and we’d prefer to keep everything as relevant as possible. Thanks in advance for your help in using one of the two tags suggested above.

Sponsors & support:

If you’d like to sponsor or support this page, you’d like to showcase your photos from La Course, or  you’d like to contribute other content to this page, Contact Us with your ideas.

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