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Fatbike Frozen Forty 2015

Triple F logoThe Fatbike Frozen Forty is a 40-mile endurance race on snow-covered groomed Minnesota singletrack trail.  It’s one of the best known, biggest, and most exciting fatbike races in the nation.  Find out more at Frozen40.com.

Race photos tend to get scattered. Race Vista brings it together. For the Frozen 40, we’re bringing it all together using the hashtag #Frozen40RV.  Want to contribute photos?  Use the hashtag #Frozen40RV in Instagram to get them in our real-time slideshow.  Or, if you want to send some other photos our way, use the tag #Frozen40RV in Facebook, Flickr and Twitter and we may share some of those.

The Fatbike Frozen Forty is February 14, 2015.  Find race photos here in real-time, to look for friends, family, or to have a window into one of the most highly acclaimed fatbike races around.  Post-race, check back here for not only the slideshow photos, but links to photos taken by others.

FATBIKE FROZEN FORTY 2015 SLIDESHOW (using #Frozen40RV in Instagram)

note – the slideshow below only features the most recently-added photos; view the whole set here: all photos tagged with Frozen40RV.

Here are some photos taken by RideFatbikes.com at the 2015 Fatbike Frozen Forty:



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