Race Vista

YetiBeti Collaboration Media Page

Race Vista is collaborating with the Yeti Beti crew to help promote and advance the visibility and engagement of the Beti Bike Bash, the Beti AllRide Clinics, and the Yeti Beti team.

Find our main collaboration page with a real-time photo slideshow here: Race Vista’s Yeti Beti and Beti Bike Bash photo slideshow collaboration page.    Although that’s great for seeing and submitting photos, there’s also a ton of social media buzz about the Beti events.

The social media bulletin board below highlights the posts, tweets and pics that contain #yetibeti, #BetiBikeBash, #bbbrv, #bacrv, or #BetiAllRide tags in Twitter or Instagram.  Our goal is to have this page serve as a collaborative hub of information for those who want to know more about these events and initiatives without having to swap between various social media accounts.

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