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Yeti Beti Collaboration

Photo credit: Mark Woolcott

Photo credit: Mark Woolcott

Race Vista proudly supports and collaborates with like-minded organizations and initiatives, particularly those that promote the goals of getting more people on bikes and making cycling more attractive to every age, gender, and level of rider.  As a result, we’re thrilled to introduce our collaboration with the Yeti Beti team, the Beti Bike Bash event, and the Beti AllRide Clinic.

The Beti umbrella covers a wide array of well-coordinated and exciting women-centric cycling endeavors.  They consider themselves one big happy family of races, events, clinics, and team initiatives, including the Beti Bike Bash in June (more below), Beti AllRide Clinics in spring and summer, and Team YetiBeti’s racing and off-seasons shenanigans.

Why are Race Vista and the Yeti Betis collaborating?

Photo credit: Mark Woolcott

Photo credit: Mark Woolcott

Race Vista has long supported the visual media of cycling and races, and we’ve been an advocate for women’s cycling, realizing that neither the playing field nor the media attention offered to women’s cycling is level with what is offered to the men.  Race Vista’s platform helps showcase some of the races, events, athletes, and initiatives that deserve additional recognition, so our alignment with the Yeti Beti crew is a natural fit.
What will this collaboration offer?

Primarily, we’re hopeful that our combined efforts make cycling more visible, more exciting, and more engaging to all audiences, young or old, man or woman, veteran racer or novice beginner.  We’ll start small but our effort may expand over time as we receive feedback from what people would like to see more (or less) of.  We’ll have real-time photo galleries, a unique social media page, and info about all things Beti.  Scroll down to find the photos, and find more about the Beti initiatives below that.  Here’s an overview:

Photo credit: Mark Woolcott

Photo credit: Mark Woolcott

  • Beti Bike Bash real-time photo gallery!  Race Vista is providing a visual media platform for the Beti Bike Bash, where racers, spectators, sponsors, volunteers, and even people who can’t participate in person can all join the party via an interactive real-time photo slideshow.  Find that below under the heading “Beti Bike Bash photo gallery & slideshow”.  Add your photos using #bbbrv (short for Beti Bike Bash Race Vista) in Instagram to be part of the action.  Or, if you’ve got some photos you believe deserve display on this page separate from the slideshow, or you want to share a video, don’t hesitate to Contact Us and we’ll try to post it.
  • Beti AllRide Clinic photos!  The Beti AllRide Clinics also has a home for its photos (in a real-time slideshow) and other visual media, here at Race Vista.  If you’ve participated in one of the clinics and want to share your photos (or see photos taken by others), check out the slideshow below under the heading “Beti AllRide Clinics Photo Gallery”.  For this slideshow, use the tag #BACrv (short for Beti Allride Clinic race vista) in Instagram to add your photos!
  • Social media page! If you’d like to follow what’s going on in Yeti Beti world without having to jump between Instagram, Twitter, etc. you’re in luck! Race Vista has created a social media page where you can check out the latest news on Beti events and happenings on one convenient page, without even needing to log in to Twitter or Instagram.  See all the action here: http://racevista.com/collaboration/yeti-beti-collaboration/yetibeti-collaboration-media-page/
  • We’ll be continuing to update this page as Yeti Beti and Race Vista continue to explore engaging the community in our collaborative efforts!  Continue to check back on this page regularly to see what features we add.

See the photo galleries and visual media below, or scroll to the bottom for information (and links to find the full detail) about the Beti Bike Bash, the Beti AllRide Clinic, and the Yeti Beti team.

Beti Bike Bash real-time photo gallery (use tag #BBBrv in Instagram)

see it all at Race Vista!  be sure to check out the Beti Bike Bash website for more event info!

Beti Allride Clinic photo gallery and real-time slideshow (use tag #BACrv in Instagram)

see it all at Race Vista!  be sure to check out the Beti AllRide Clinic website for more clinic info!

More about Yeti Beti Race Team
Yeti Beti is a women’s mountain bike team, The team is starting its 8th racing season in 2014.  They are 10 women strong, with most of their team residing in Colorado or Idaho.  They are also the force behind the ever-expanding and outstandingly well received Beti Bike Bash race event.  Find out more about the team at: www.yetibeti.com. They’re also on Twitter: @YetiBeti
The Beti Bike Bash
Photo credit: Mark Woolcott

Photo credit: Mark Woolcott

The Beti Bike Bash has been the first women’s only mountain bike race in Colorado since 2010. Now in its fifth consecutive year, we strive to grow women’s mountain biking in unprecedented ways. What originally started as a vision for a race that would bring more women to the start line than ever before with a no-barriers, fun, and encouraging atmosphere, has turned into a community driven to spark a lifelong passion in every woman no matter the age, ability or experience. The Beti Bike Bash’s primary goal is to make the “first” race experience a positive one, that will give women the confidence to pursue their goals and dreams, on and off the bike. The 2014 Beti Bike Bash will take place on June 1, 2014 at Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood, Colorado will not only boast one of the largest pro payout for women’s racing in the state but also be one of the largest attended women’s only cycling events in the country.

Race Vista has set up an interactive slideshow for the event, using the hashtag #bbbrv in Instagram.  See the real-time photo slideshow (on this page above) and be sure to add your photos whether you’re there to race, hang out, volunteer, spectate, or just be part of the fun.  If you can’t be there in person, Race Vista’s photo slideshow collaboration with the Beti Bike Bash is the next best thing!  Be sure to ask any friends or family who are going to tag photos so you can see it all here!
The Beti AllRide Clinic
Photo credit Hardcastle Photography www.hardcastlephotography.com

Photo credit Hardcastle Photography www.hardcastlephotography.com

The Beti AllRide Clinic was founded in 2013 from a synergy of passion for mountain biking, and a unified vision to bring them together and get more women hooked on mountain biking for life. As the sister-event to the Beti Bike Bash women’s mountain bike race, the Beti AllRide’s Clinic’s mission is: “To inspire women to find their greatest potential through mountain biking and create riders for life.”

What sets the Beti AllRide Clinic apart from other women’s clinics out there is the “Ladies AllRide” philosophy that connects women with their bikes at a deeper level. It is not a matter of showing up to go through the motions; it is harnessing the “inner rider” of each participant through inspiring coaching trained to guide each participant in finding the confidence within to tackle the obstacle in front of them with safe skills and practice to accompany it. Through this method, the Beti AllRide Clinics helps women take their understanding of balance to a whole new level.
The Beti AllRide Clinic will be traveling to Sedona, ArizonaAngel Fire, New MexicoKeystone, Colorado; and Crested Butte, Colorado in 2014. You can find all of the details for each location at www.betiallrideclinic.com. Keep your eyes and ears open for future locations and feel free to give us a shout!
Social Media Accounts
Credit from photos below from the Beti AllRide Clinic goes to Hardcastle Photography (www.HardcastlePhotography.com)
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