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Women’s Cycling Association

WCA logoRace Vista is honored to announce our collaboration with the Women’s Cycling Association (“WCA”).  

The WCA was formed in 2013 and it’s gathered significant momentum, quickly.   Many of you already know what the WCA is all about.  If you don’t, you can read a quick overview about their mission, their goals, and the specifics of their platform, here: WCA’s Who We Are Overview.

Here’s their mission statement: 

To develop, maintain, and support a network of women cyclists and supporters of women’s cycling. The WCA will work to advance the interests of women cyclists by developing and advancing policies with governing bodies and engaging in media outreach.

As luck would have it, Race Vista supports all cycling, whether it’s a man or a woman as the pilot, and whether the machine is a road bike, mountain bike, fatbike or cyclocross bike.  Since cycling as a sport depends upon future generations of riders for its success, we’d love to know that the next generation sees the cycling world as an accessible and equal platform, regardless of gender.

Find the WCA website here: http://womenscyclingassociation.org/.  If you’d like to follow them on Twitter, you can do so @WCA_Tweet.  We’ve also got a downloadable brochure, here: WCA brochure.

What does the WCA and Race Vista collaboration offer?  Expanded visibility and a unique and interactive platform.

Here are some specifics about what Race Vista is doing for WCA:

  • 2 Featured Athlete Spotlight pages.  We’ve added two new featured female athletes who were specifically selected by the WCA to feature at Race Vista’s Featured Athlete page.  Please take a look at the athlete spotlight pages for these amazing female cyclists, who epitomize the strength, conviction, and professionalism of female cyclists.  Click on their names to go their featured athlete pages:  Lex Albrecht  |  Amber Gaffney
  • Interactive photo gallery to engage racers, fans and spectators.  Race Vista built and launched the Women of Cycling photo gallery and page on this site, in support of women’s cycling.  Not only can you view this gallery without an Instagram account, but anyone who has a cool photo that they believe highlights the fun, power, beauty, dedication, or excitement of women’s cycling can add to our slideshow by simply adding the tag WomenOfCycling to any current or future photo in Flickr or Instagram.  Those photos will appear at the Women of Cycling page in a real-time slideshow, which anyone can view without needing an Instagram or other social media account.
  • Expanded platform.  Race Vista will continue to consider and include additional opportunities to promote women’s cycling, including featuring visual media (in the form of race photos and videos) from women’s cycling races and events.  Race Vista will be helping spread the word for the WCA efforts via social media as well.

Don’t forget to check out the “Women Of Cycling” page and photo slideshow, here!

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