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Race Vista teamed up with Twin Six for a one-of-a-kind interactive collaboration!  The Twin Six & Race Vista collaboration is an opportunity to show the world how you rock your Twin Six, participate in a photo contest, and win a prize!

How do you participate?RaceVista's Metal Cross photo 6

  1. Wear your favorite Twin Six kit, jersey, shorts, or socks at a race, training ride, ride around the block or mowing your lawn.
  2. Get a photo of you in your Twin Six stuff, and tag it in Instagram with #T6RV
  3. Check out your photo (and all of the photos) in the real-time photo slideshow below, and keep adding more pics and telling your friends!
  4. Look for an announcement by Twin Six and Race Vista on the 26th of every month to see who won! (make sure you follow us each on social media so you don’t miss the announcement)

The contest is launching April 26, 2014.  On the 26th of every month (starting on May 26th, 2014 and running until we end the contest) , a winning photo will be announced and the winner will get a $26 gift certificate from Twin Six!  Even more importantly, this is your chance to showcase some cool photos of your favorite Twin Six stuff and where you wear it.  If you want to see some of the cool photos from our 2013 collaboration you can see those here.

Follow Twin Six on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and be sure to look for Tiwn Six or Race Vista (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @RaceVista) to announce the monthly winner .  We may have some special announcements or mention other photos we like along the way, so be sure to help spread the word and you’re welcome to keep posting your best photos!  If you want to increase the chance you photos stand out, tag @TwinSix and @RaceVista in them too, and tell your friends you need the photos to get some likes to make sure they don’t get missed.

Instagram photos tagged with #T6RV

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