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Tara McCormick

Tara McCormick – Athlete Spotlight at RaceVista.com


Photo credit: Dave Urquhart

It’s our privilege and honor at RaceVista.com to fill a void left by traditional media.  Not only does traditional media tend to shy away from showcasing cycling as an exciting sport with a passionate and dedicated base of fans and participants, but it sometimes neglects to show athletes in the sport of cycling in anything other than podium photos, feature stories, and high-drama scandals from the pro tour.  The real story of the mainstream athlete’s goals, inspiration, and perspective sometimes goes untold.  We believe that story, and each athlete who has a story to be told, deserves the spotlight.  We were thrilled when Tara McCormick reached out to Race Vista.

Tara is a young athlete with her sights set on putting in the work necessary to reach her ambitious yet attainable goals, which include but are not limited to the Olympics.  She has given us the opportunity to share her story (below).  You can follow Tara through her photo slideshow, and add photos using the tag #RaceVistaTara if you see her at a race, in training, or on the podium!  You can also support her through her Rally Me page – she needs your help with her fundraising goals to continue forward with the training and races that will help her track cycling journey.

Tara’s Bio:

My name is Tara McCormick I am 18 years old and I am a track cyclist with a focus on sprinting! I am from Long Beach, CA. where we don’t have winter, so training here is amazing. I have finally aged out of the junior category and into the elite level ranks- which means more demanding and vigorous training. I am working towards my short term goal of winning an elite national championship in 2014 and my long term goal of representing the United States at the Olympics. I have represented my country on two occasions, at the 2012 and 2013 Junior Track Cycling World Championship, and I would love to race in my national colors again.

Follow Me!

You can continue to track me and my racing journey here at Race Vista. The slideshow below is continually updated with any photos tagged with #RaceVistaTara on Instagram. If you see me at a race don’t forget tag your photos with #RaceVistaTara.  

Additionally, you can check me out on Twitter at-



You can also support me on my RallyMe Page! I have just over 30 days left, and all the funds I raise will go to traveling and racing funds to 3 NRC races and the Elite National Championships!

The link- https://www.rallyme.com/rallies/635

 See Tara McCormick’s real-time photo slideshow at Race Vista, below!

(add photos using #RaceVistaTara in Instagram)

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