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Sophie Williamson

Sophie Williamson – Athlete Spotlight at RaceVista.com

Photo credit: Chameleon Photography

Photo credit: Chameleon Photography

Race Vista continues to expand the platform for cycling, by telling the stories left untold by traditional media.  While mainstream media highlights cycling with occasional television or live streaming of certain races, Race Vista showcases a wide array of races of all levels and disciplines.  The same is true with athletes.  We know that every top-level pro at one point was fighting for recognition, fighting for each podium or to support his or her team, and fighting to get better every day.  At Race Vista we love to highlight and showcase not only those who have proven themselves as the best, but also those who are working hard to get there.

Some athletes have the determination, ambition and work ethic to succeed at the highest levels of the sport, but they don’t get there overnight. When they do, Race Vista will be proud to say we’ve supported them along the way.  So, we were thrilled when Sophie Williamson reached out to Race Vista.

Race Vista now has an international roster of featured athletes, as Sophie hails from New Zealand.  She is an outstanding young cyclist who races for Vanderkitten, and she tells her story (in her own words) below.   We’ve been following Sophie through social media, and it’s obvious that she is passionate about cycling, and about introducing more people to the sport.  Since Race Vista shares that goal, we think it’s outstanding that she has taken the time to share her story and allow more fans and supporters to get a window into her world and her perspective on cycling.

You can follow Sophie through her photo slideshow, and add photos using the tag #RaceVistaSophie if you see her at a race, in training, or on the podium!

Sophie’s Bio:

Hi i’m Sophie Williamson and I am a young cyclist from New Zealand. I have come up through the age groups racing here and cycling runs in the family and I was dragged along to club races when I was little. I have represented NZ at Junior world championships on both road and track both years I was junior, I got 3 medals on the track and a close 4th in the road race at the respective world champs.

I now race semi-professionally for Vanderkitten women’s cycling team in USA after having done both track and road for NZ. However I don’t spend my days solely turning the pedals over and am working my way through completing a bachelor of science in psychology at Massey University, the bonus is I can do this from where ever I am in the world!Sophie Williamson podium

At the tender age of 20 I have already raced my bike in Australia, USA, Canada, Belgium, Holland and Russia, it’s amazing the places you visit because of cycling and it’s always exciting to be able to immerse yourself in new cultures. I keep myself entertained when away racing with social media, food, exploring, reading, watching tv series or last option study.  I feel like cycling is the new thing to do, it’s a great way for anyone and everyone to get out and about and I hope to see more and more people leaving their car keys on the bench and hopping on their bikes. Even better we will have more people racing and watching our racing!

Follow Me!

You can check out my blog http://sophiewilliamsonnz.blogspot.com.au or follow my daily antics and race updates through Twitter and Instagram (s0phw).  You can also see and add photos to my slideshow at Race Vista. The slideshow below is continually updated with any photos tagged with #RaceVistaSophie on Instagram. 

Help us build our photo gallery and the slideshow below by tagging your best photos of Sophie with #RaceVistaSophie in Instagram or send us a few photos and we’ll ad them here.

 See Sophie Williamson’s real-time photo slideshow at Race Vista, below!

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