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Missy Erickson

Missy Erickson – Athlete Spotlight at RaceVista.com

Photo credit: Jim Maher Photography

Photo credit: Jim Maher Photography

About Missy

Missy Erickson is an accomplished athlete and cyclist pursuing her dreams of setting and crushing records on the track.  She is training for the Olympics, while dominating a variety of races she enters to build UCI points toward her ultimate goals.  She is from MN originally, and trains in CA currently.  We recently had the opportunity to observe her racing prowess at the Minnesota Fixed Gear Classic (part of the Nature Valley Grand Prix), and captured the photos you see below.

Support Missy

Missy could use your help!  She has some fundraising goals that she must meet to be able to commit her full attention to her training and support she needs to be competing at the highest levels of track cycling, and representing the USA to the best of her abilities.  Her potential and her accomplishments are outstanding, but she can’t get there without a support team, which includes funding.  Read more about her fundraising efforts here.  Missy currently has a RallyMe fundraising effort, with matching funds from the USA Cycling Development Foundation that will help her chase her dreams to be an Olympic track cyclist at Rio 2016.  Check it out and support her efforts here.

Missy is a gracious athlete who serves as a positive role model to those inside and outside of the support.  You should definitely follow her on Instagram, Twitter, or her website, to be inspired by her hard work and to encourage her to keep chasing her goals.  Find out more about her at her website: http://missyerickson.wordpress.com/about/, on Twitter @missyerickson, on Instagram @missyerickson, or on Facebook at Missy Erickson.  Here at RaceVista.com, we want to help support, encourage, and follow Missy’s progress as she pursues her goals, so feel free to bookmark and share this page to see the pics she adds to the #RaceVistaMissy slideshow and other updates we may add over time.

Missy race photos

Photo credit: Felipe Zelada


Follow Missy’s Race Photos

Race Visa was fortunate to see Missy in action at the NSC Velodrome in Blaine, MN for the 2013 Nature Valley Fixed Gear Classic.  We captured the photos below.  Since other photographers, spectators, and racers will be capturing Missy in a variety of races throughout the year, we’ve created a special slideshow where Missy can add and share photos with the Race Vista audience, and any photographers or spectators at races can capture and share photos in the same slideshow.

The slideshow uses the hashtag #RaceVistaMissy on Instagram – tag your photos of Missy Erickson racing at an event with that tag (#RaceVistaMissy), and they will appear in the slideshow.  Or, check out the slideshow to follow the race action and podium finishes.

Missy Erickson - photo by RaceVista.com

Missy Erickson – photo by RaceVista.com

Missy Erickson - photo by Race Vista

Missy Erickson – photo by Race Vista

Race Vista’s Missy Erickson Slideshow (add photos with #RaceVistaMissy in Instagram)



You can also follow Missy Erickson’s Twitter feed, right here at Missy’s Featured Athlete page on Race Vista.  You can follow Missy on Twitter (@MissyErickson) or check back here without having to switch to your Twitter account.

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