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Jonathan Fraley

Jonathan Fraley – Athlete Spotlight at RaceVisa.com

photo credit: Race Vista

photo credit: Race Vista

Race Vista had the unique opportunity to watch Jonathan Fraley speed his way to track victories at the 2013 Fixed Gear Classic at the NSC Velodrome in Minnesota.  We captured a few photos of him there, and enjoyed watching him power his Serenity Cycles bike (a company he co-founded) ahead of the pack.  We are now fortunate to have the opportunity to showcase Jonathan in his own featured athlete page, here at Race Vista.  All of our Featured Athletes are individuals we’ve selected not only because of their skill and accomplishments in cycling, but also because they personify what the sport is all about, and we’re excited to share Jonathan’s bio, some resources he’s involved with, and a photo slideshow, below.

About Jonathan

Jon is an accomplished track cyclist, cycling coach, and co-founder of bike company Serenity Bikes.  He is also able to balance all of that with being a very busy, and devoted dad, and husband.  Jon is originally from Orlando where he was a road cyclist, and moved to Milwaukee, WI to join a road team in 2005.  Shortly after that he started going to the track and fell in love with track cycling.  He supports his home track in Kenosha, Wisconsin by being on the board, and trying to grow the sport of track cycling in many different ways. One of them being to donate time to help cyclists make progress, and learn about the track.

Photo credit: Race Vista

Photo credit: Race Vista

Jon is a 5 time US National Champion.  He is currently one of the oldest track sprinters  pursuing UCI points.  Jon continues to make  progress at 34 years old.  He has had numerous top 10 finishes in UCI races this past season, and a 3rd place finish in the Keirin at 2013 US Nationals.  He also won the Sprint Omnium at the 2013 Fixed Gear Classic.

Cerious Coaching

Jon owns his own coaching business called Cerious Speed Training and Development.  He has devoted a lot of his time to create and test his speed training system.  He builds training plans for every client’s individual needs and goals.  He has had many successful clients on his system that is very unique to what is offered by most coaches today.  Jon has coached clients from junior riders all the way up to master riders age 70+.  Clients at every age and level (including himself) have made way more progress than they ever thought achievable on his coaching plan.  Jon is accepting new clients now.  Check out the facebook page for more information, or to contact Jon about coaching. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cerious-Speed-Training-and-Development-with-Jonathan-Fraley/129452093752517

Serenity Bikes

Photo credit: Detroit Spoke (by Erika Fulk)

Photo credit: Detroit Spoke (by Erika Fulk)

Jon also spends his time as technical director for Serenity Bikes.  He co-founded the company 3 years ago.  Serenity Bikes is a small family owned company that has been very successful in creating a sleek, stiff, and affordable frame that cyclists love to ride.  Many track, and road cyclists are on a Serenity Bike now.  Check out pictures of the bikes and athletes on the facebook page, or website. https://www.facebook.com/Serenity.Bikeworks


Follow & Encourage Jonathan

Help Race Vista in encouraging and cheering on Jonathan.  You can follow him and check out his sites using the links above.  You can also contribute any race photos you have of Jonathan by using the tag #RaceVistaJonathan in Instagram, and check back on this page anytime to see a real-time slideshow of photos of Jonathan, below. More of his bio, accomplishments and other details can be found on his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cerious-Speed-Training-and-Development-with-Jonathan-Fraley/129452093752517

Jonathan has shared his Form of Sprinting video preview with us, which you can see below.

The full Form of Sprinting instructional video by Jonathan can be found here: https://sellfy.com/p/z3Pn/


Race Vista’s Jonathan Fraley Slideshow (add photos with #RaceVistaJonathan in Instagram)

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