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Amber Gaffney – Athlete Spotlight at RaceVisa.com

Amber Gaffney; photo credit: Race Vista

Amber Gaffney; photo credit: Race Vista

We are always honored and excited when we have the opportunity to introduce another featured athlete at Race Vista.  We have the good fortune of working with the Women’s Cycling Association (WCA) on a collaboration, and part of that collaboration involves featuring two female racers they have identified as spotlight athletes for Race Vista.  One of these up-and-coming young stars is Amber Gaffney, a professional cyclist who is at the early stages of a very promising career.  

Race Vista was fortunate to have seen Amber race at the Nature Valley Grand Prix, which is where the photo to the left was taken.  Other photos on this page are credited with the appropriate photographer’s info in the caption.  We’ve got a bio, directly from Amber, below.  Below her bio you will find a slideshow where you can see and add your own photos of Amber racing, training, or on the podium.

About Amber

Photo credit: Brian Hodes (Velo Images)

Photo credit: Brian Hodes (Velo Images)

Dr. Amber Gaffney grew up in rural Northern California, in the mountains of Trinity County. A town the size of 1,000 or more people looks like a metropolis compared to Denny where she spent her childhood. Here, she developed a deep respect for both nature and education. Amber has a PhD in social psychology and currently conducts research at Claremont Graduate University. She researchers social influence, group processes, political groups, and gender stereotypes. She picked up cycling first as a means of transportation and then as a stress reliever from graduate school. It didn’t take much to convince her to race her bike (she grew up competing in several sports).

Amber raced her first half season on the bike in 2011 and accepted a contract from Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies for the 2013 season. As an amateur, she garnered several wins in California she and holds a State Road Race and State TTT (with a course record) titles, along with some solid finishes in NRC races. She currently races for Twenty16 Pro Cycling, developing her leadership skills and skills as an all-around rider on the road. On the track, Amber races team pursuit and individual pursuit, working on these events both with Twenty16 and the US National team. She has two bronze medals from US track nationals.

Amber is thrilled to be able to compete as a cyclist and to push her mind and body to its limits.  She tries to approach racing from a place of positivity and to share the happiness she feels when riding with others.


Amber Gaffney - Photo Credit Brian Hodes.jpg

Amber Gaffney – Photo Credit Brian Hodes

Follow & Encourage Amber

Help Race Vista in encouraging Amber to continue her path toward racing success, by following her and cheering her on in her upcoming races.   You can follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/a_gaff.  You can also contribute any race photos you have of Amber by using the tag #RaceVistaAmber in Instagram, and check back on this page anytime to see a real-time slideshow of photos of Amber, below.  Here are three photos of Amber.  To see more and to add your own, scroll below these photos to the real-time slideshow.

Amber also shared a video with us, showcasing her Twenty16 Pro Cycling team.  Not only is Amber a member of this team, but two more Race Vista featured athletes (Lex Albrecht and Alison Tetrick) also race for Twenty16.  Heres’ the video: http://www.magisto.com/album/video/eSd6TwRZFAEwKD8HDmEwCXx9?fb_action_ids=10152116954098596&fb_action_types=magisto%3Acreate


Race Vista’s Amber Gaffney Slideshow (add your photos by using the tag #RaceVistaAmber in Instagram)

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