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Alison Tetrick

Alison Tetrick – Athlete Spotlight at RaceVisa.com

Photo credit: Sam Wiebe

Photo credit: Sam Wiebe

What do you get when you combine someone with the brains of a molecular biologist, the character of a good leader, and the speed of a team time trial national champion?  Alison Tetrick, a pro cyclist with Optum Pro Cycling p/b KellyBenefit Strategies.

At Race Vista, we realized years ago that cycling receives less media attention than it deserves.  If you watch a bike race, and learn about the skill, strength, confidence and power that’s required to compete at the highest levels of the sport, you’ll quickly appreciate the women and men who devote their lives to performing at the highest levels of the sport.

One look at accomplishments of Alison Tetrick reveals that she has committed every fiber of her being to being among the best of the best in her sport. She and her Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies team are quite comfortable on the front of the pack, and standing on the podium.

Alison Tetrick displays skill, grace, strength and determination both on and off her bike.  Alison is an advocate for cycling, and was an early supporter of Race Vista.  She’s  an athlete, a scholar, an ambassador of the sport and a role model for the future generations of athletes, in an area in which the terms “role model” and “athlete” are not often aligned.

Get to know Alison Tetrick, professional cyclist with Optum Pro Cycling

Alison Tetrick is a professional cyclist for Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies and an ambassador for Amgen’s Breakaway from Cancer.  

Alison has represented the United States at the Pan American Games and around the world racing for the National Team.  She earned a bronze medal at the World Championships in the Team Time Trial for Astana BePink in 2014 and won the 2015 USA Cycling National Championship in the Team Time Trial with Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies.

Alison’s performance at the Chrono des Nations has earned her a 2nd place finish in three consecutive years – 2012, 2013, and 2014 and earned her the overall win at the Merco Cycling Classic and the Valley of the Sun Stage Race.

Alison Tetrick has won stages at notable stage races throughout the country, including the Sea Otter Cycling Classic, Nature Valley Grand Prix (now known as the North Star Grand Prix), the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic, and most recently at the Tour Femenino de San Luis in Argentina.

These amazing accomplishments require an enormous commitment of time to training and racing.  In the rare hours in which Alison has a moment free from pushing herself to higher levels of success on the bike, she motivates and inspires others through her role as a true ambassador of the sport.  She is the Female Athlete Representative for USA Cycling on the Professional Committee and is in graduate school for Neuropsychology.  Ali believes it is important to raise awareness of resources available for those effected by cancer, and thinks teamwork is an essential component of success.

Follow & Encourage Alison

Help Race Vista in encouraging and supporting Alison as she continues to display success, grace, strength and speed in her pursuit of her goals for herself and her team.  You can follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AMTetrick.

Alison’s bio, accomplishments and other details can be found at her website, here: http://alisontetrick.com

Photos of Alison Tetrick.  

We’ve created a photo gallery below, featuring photos Alison shared with us.  Below that is a real-time photo slideshow Race Vista created for Alison, featuring photos tagged with #RaceVistaAli.  She’s added a few photos already, but keep checking back as she adds more.  If you’re a teammate, fan or photographer, capture you’re best Ali Teterick photo and submit it to the Race Vista slideshow.  Photos tagged with #RaceVistaAli in Instagram are included!  Be sure to check in to see photos Ali and others have shared.


Race Vista’s Alison Tetrick Slideshow (add photos with #RaceVistaAli in Instagram)

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