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Race photos, athlete stories, and the visual media that capture cycling in an engaging format have been perpetually scattered in a variety of websites and social media, with no central platform. Race Vista makes bike races more engaging and interactive by showcasing races, athletes, and interactive visual media in a central platform. See it all at Race Vista.  

Race Vista is focused and relevant 

Relevant. Race photos get lost in the shuffle. They land on a Facebook page of an anonymous spectator, are overlooked in a flurry of race-day “tweets”, buried by more recent photos in Instagram, etc. While many social media outlets lack is the ability to capture a moment, and preserve it on a page where others will seek out the relevant information. We provided that resource – a library, a “curator” of relevant photos that can be accessed whether it’s part of a real-time photo slideshow, or a race we’ve archived that you are looking at months or years later. We offer dedicated race pages that highlight photos that can be viewed by anyone, anywhere.

Focused. We  bring visual media into focus by showcasing race photos, athlete profiles, and more, focusing on the photos and videos that tell the story that thousands of words can’t replace. Rather than trying to tell the story via articles, blog entries, or other written material, we let the photos tell the stories. Whether you’re a photographer looking to have your work recognized or displayed in a new medium, a race director who would like your event showcased, a racer who wants to see your race or podium photo, or a spectator wanting to see what race day looks like at a specific event, we bring it all into focus.

We don’t overlook the athlete

Athletes are more than stats or podium results. Each has a story, goals, teams or sponsors who support them, photos to share, and more. We give featured athletes a platform to share their story, engage fans, and share photos. At Race Vista, we focus the spotlight on deserving athletes through engaging and interactive athlete profiles in our Athlete Spotlight and our Why I Race video page.

Initiatives like our “Women of Cycling” initiative focus on bringing athletes onto center stage. Races are more engaging when racers aren’t anonymous. Spectators and fans want to learn about, see photos of, and hear the stories that athletes have to share. Race Vista delivers that platform. 

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